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The range and depth of Bursars' responsibilities present huge challenges to schools.

Whilst most schools are well staffed, new projects and pressures can overload even the best led teams. Sometimes sickness or absence means that essential interim support is needed.

The Bursars' Office Ltd can help find solutions to these difficult issues by ensuring access to the best experienced Bursars who provide Consultancy to the Independent Sector. You will recognise many of their names because they have a wealth of experience covering the full gambit of our business from Governance to IT Strategy, mergers to restructuring, from large Boarding Schools to small Preps. We can help by defining the requirement, filtering the experience needed and scheduling people to help you, whether that is for a one day Stage 3 parental complaint hearing, a Bursar's appraisal or recruitment, or a 6 month Interim appointment.

Additionally we are able to provide you with access to a unique resource – a rated and regulated Register of suppliers of services and products to Independent Schools. This will help you find the best companies and give you confidence that your colleagues have tried and tested their services.

No other company understands your business as well as we do – we are Bursars.

Noel Erskine signature

Noel Erskine, Director of The Bursars' Office

Our Independent Register of suppliers

Decisions about choosing suppliers needs more than an internet search engine. We provide a constantly updated and reviewed Register, categorised by specialist area, of all the services you need to run an Independent School. Bursars across the sector assess their performance, rate their suitability and provide comment. Suppliers and Bursars get instant feedback and information. If you are a supplier why not join?

Our consultancy services include:

  • Strategic Issues
  • Development
  • Efficiency
  • Staffing
  • Inspections
  • Independent listening
  • Governance
  • Recruitment

Do you have these skills and want to join us?

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As our site continues to grow, we will be launching a blog, a forum, a job board, an events board as well as webinars sign up for email updates and many support services.

How can we help you?

Are you a Head, Governor, Bursar or Supplier?
We will provide access to, and help you select, send us an email the best assistance for your school.

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